As I have noted previously, a few of the records taken in order to compile censuses before 1841 still exist.  The official released data for these earlier censuses did not include names of individuals and are therefore of no use for family historians. Unlike the censuses from 1841 onwards, the earlier censuses were compiled from data for each parish that was collected by the local parish officers, either the Churchwardens or the Overseers of the Poor. Their notes still exist in the Parish Records in some cases. Very rarely the notes include details of all the residents of the Parish, but more usually they include the name of the head of the household and the number of other people resident.

One such set of notes is for the town of Ryde in 1821. I recently had the opportunity to photograph the copies of these notes at the Isle of Wight Record Office. With the Record Office's permission, the images are below.  

The data gives the name of the Head of Household, whether there is a wife (W) and the number of Children (C) and Lodgers (L). The numbers of Males, Females and the total number of people is then given. It is noted that, if the Total is greater than the total of head, wife, children and lodgers, then the others are brothers, sisters or servants.  For many of the households there is also a description of the household, these usually give the occupation and some of these are quite enlightening! Examples are "Sexton loves drink / Wife very industrious", "in Goal[sic] & his wife sells Gin" (the note maker seems to consistently spell "Gaol" (Jail) as "Goal"), "Widdower Industrious C[hildren] Brought up well" and his neighbour "Tinman Wife and Children Dirty & miserable".

I have now produced a transcript of this document which you can download here.